Transparent Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

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If you are looking for a high-quality protection cover for your Galaxy S21 that doesn't camouflage its fabulous look, then the KST DESIGN Crystal Clear case is a perfect solution for you. The KST DESIGN Crystal Clear case is completely transparent and features the flexibility of a silicone cover.

Use KST DESIGN Crystal Clear Case with some of our skins for maximum device protection and preservation. If the chosen by you SKIN is too thick for the case, feel free to remove the sides to fit it in flawlessly - our tests show that this might be needed with some of our SKINS.

- The KST DESIGN Crystal Clear case lets your Galaxy S21 shine through
- Designed with tactile buttons and specific cutouts for Galaxy S21
- The KST DESIGN Crystal Clear case provides perfect drop protection
- The KST DESIGN Crystal Clear cover features all characteristic of a silicone case, but it's also durable
- Made of a single layer of flexible TPU, which means that it adds minimal bulk to your Galaxy S21

What's included?

1x KST DESIGN Crystal Clear Silicone Case (transparent) for Galaxy S21 

(The pictures above illustrate how the case looks with or without skin underneath. Make sure to order your SKIN separately)

Note: You will receive the case, but not the phone.